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The reason why organic is the best because it is the best medicine of our health that cleanses our blood and give more strength,
Raw vegetables is also the best medicine of our health because organic vegetables has no chemical pesticides and has no chemical fertilizer it can make a person live along life and give energy that cannot be easily exhausted.
Organic foods can restore the digestive system and strengthen the immune system especially it can remove germs in our body and circulates our blood.
Though you may not have daily exercise or over exercise.
So the best way that can make a person healthiest is:
We should eat organic foods and we should exercise everyday it is the best way to restore our health.
Organic is the best way to cure many kinds of disease such as cancer and etc.
It will give us oxygen and take out our carbon dioxide.
There are differences among organic foods and the foods that has chemical so that it should be preserved.
Organic foods can give more blood that reduces any side effects, it can help us protect our body especially you may sleep late at night but still it doesn’t cause us headaches and have insomnia then when we wake up still we have strength or energy, no matter how hard we worked at day we cannot feel exhausted or any stress but still we are comfortable in all things, but a food that has chemicals though it seems so delicious than organic and enhancing but it can easily become old. That is why organic food is better than a food that has chemicals that should be preserved.
Organic food can make our blood alkaline while a food that has chemical can make our blood acidic and it can make us easily exhausted when we work at day or when we run, it can cause heart problems, it has no extra better energy that can protect our body and it will shorten your life.
Organic food is the way to transform your life because it strengthens our hearts and mind and make us gentle, warm, and modest while a food that has chemicals cannot transform our life.
Organic food is the most effective medicine in the world than other medicine and there is no other, it can naturally heals all our disease easily.
Organic is the way that can make old people, younger-looking and moisturizes your skin, and make your skin smooth and flawless.
Herbal medicine is called organic
Organic is the best way to restore our health.


Our happiness is found in our health, organic produce is necessary for good health, and the soil must be healthy in order to grow organic produce.
In conclusion, It is important that the soil be healthy so that humanity is healthy.
Therefore, we do our best to restore the environmental of the Earth from various types of pollution to make it a good place to live.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers should not be used for agriculture focused on restoring the environmental. Instead, natural farm methods which include the use of plant extracts, organic fertilizers, etc. must be used, constantly developed and supplied to the whole world.

Doalnara is an agricultural organization which strives to make a disease free earth. The greatest culprit which has made our world so unhappy is the selfish heart which does not consider the fact the people consume produce sprayed with chemicals but only considers profit. Therefore, the true organic produce can only come from the fields of selfless “organic hearts”. Hannong strives to make this world a happy and healthy place by honoring Heaven and loving all mankind as one family. We are an organization which has completely conquered greed and lives to “Honor God” and love our neighbors!”

Our natural farming has follow the “cause of nature” and differs from traditional methods which primarily focus on the increase of production. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used.
Only natural by-products are used to improve plan growth and fruition. This preserves the fertilizing of the soil and promotes the inhabitation of earthworms, grubs, and others beneficial micro-organisms. This concludes the environment and soul to be naturally resistant to damage from disease and harmful insects.

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