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Morning glory Community

This Morning Glory meeting Hall was build through the brethrens services without receiving salary. insted they have donated money every week in order to build this beautiful meeting hall.

After this meeting hall was built everybody are very happy, after they donated their own money as a service they felt a very extraordinary feeling of happiness. It is all because everywhere you look, you can see LOVE IN IT...

Even though they are just farmers, they need to work everyday inorder to get money, but they have built this beautiful building through sincere services.

Morning glory community is a group of family,people but we only live as one family that live happilly,.We have our legae who stand as the head of the family, as our father, who support,who help us whenever we are in need, we also have our welfare who is the mother of our community, they live happilly serving all 104 people with different traits and characters. On this community i experienced the true meaning of sharing, loving,respecting to one another..How happy to live with such people that only thinks only for the happiness of others.

Pinetree Community

There are 200 members who lived in together, most of people are farmers, our farm is organic, we never used chemicals only use organic compose and natural medicine we use
Our mind is to help each other and concede each other that’s why we don’t fight our neighbor but when we fight, we apologize each other quickly.
This is the heart that teacher Suksun has taught us.
So our community is very peaceful
So pine tree mean is: UNCHANGING HEARTS
So our farming style, and our life style never change so we always follow Teacher Suksun’s lessons.


Goshen Land is composed of eight communities, among the communities there is one special community called Carnation Community.
Carnation is a community where people living are mostly aged people from 65 years old and up. It is called “Home for the Aged.”
Though they are old, they are very active, strong, and healthy. They live happily with one heart.
Every day they have their routine. At dawn 3:30 AM they are very active attending worship, and after the dawn worship they spend their time exercising. After breakfast around 8:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM they join together to farm as a part of their exercise to maintain the good health and through farming they are able to breathe the fresh air and receive the sunlight that God gives us. This is their daily routine.
In this community not only the “aged ones” are living, they also have their family who are strongly attached to take care of their farm. We have a nurse that in case of emergency she is always willing to support and care. We also have LIJAE who is the father of the community, who assists, supports and looks after all their needs and guides them physically and spiritually.
Not only that we also have welfare who is in charge of the needs, but there is one we called “NONGJAE” the right hand of the LIJAE who is in charge of the farming. This is what the Carnation Community is composed of.

Sweet honey Community

SWEET HONEY our community was located near in the mountain almost 120 members lived together, our community is very beautiful people lived so we called it sweet honey.
All people worked together with one heart, we didn’t absent any community meeting, it is mean our unity is very wonderful.
And we share to each other everything for example food, fruit, vegetable and even clothes, our people’s heart is very sweet more than sweet honey.
Just visit our community everybody is always welcome.

Sampaguita Community

SAMPAGUITA COMMUNITY Even though we’ve passed on difficulties, varied circumstances yet we are enjoying this kind of peaceful life, sometimes problems arise yet it is easy to solve and just light, as long as we are following the command given. Our life for us is just simple, We will do morning working just before breakfast at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to clean our surroundings and sometimes in our farm near in the community. And usually during Saturday we eat together with our member during lunch time, and in several occasions such as wedding, burial, birth days. In our recreation in outings, swimming, strolling, playing with different games and with the coming presentations of talents we practice altogether in cooperating and helping one another and so the more we do this kinds of events in our community, the more we are close to one another and having coming to the level of being a one big family. In joy and in sadness in health and in sickness our hearts becoming one.

Evergreen Community

Came into Existence through Meticulous Guidance of God and Teacher Suk Sun

Among eight communities in Doalnara Philippine Society, there is a unique community comprising a small number of members
It’s located North East of Sampaguita Community and North West of Morning Glory Community with it standing in the middle, but its proximity to Sampaguita Community gives rise to special favor as two neighboring communities.

Living in Moriah 2 (currently Sweet Honey) Community
Upon arriving here, they lived at Moriah 2 Community (currently Sweet Honey Community). Another difficult time they had was that they had no practical knowledge on farming that they had been intrigued to learn many new things they never learnt before.

Moving to Bethel (currently Sampaguita) Community
The following year in 1997, to cultivate a new farm land as well as to put into practice the down-to-earth knowledge on farming under the guidance and help of Korean and Philippine members, they moved to Bethel (currently Sampaguita) Community. While living with Bethel members, they also cultivated a separate farmland, and even if they did not see the satisfactory result of their farming, they could enjoy farming together with God, uniting with the nature He created for our sakes.

Forming a separate community – Carmel Community
After one year living together in Bethel Community, in 1998, they formed a separate community called Carmel Community comprising only Indonesian families so that they could have precious opportunity to learn to stand on their own two feet living only relying on God’s meticulous love and Teacher Suk Sun’s thorough guidance. After a couple of years later, the community name was changed to Evergreen Community.

God has designed to pour His blessings in a unique, different manner upon each of His children to serve a particular purpose. There is a spiritual implication that all of us need to be aware of, and there is a tremendously significant lesson that Teacher Suk Sun has specifically designed for Evergreen Community to learn. The community is now being challenged to carry a more responsible burden on their shoulders to respond to Teacher Suk Sun’s love by loving other brethren more than themselves just as He has loved them, just as other communities have loved them more than themselves by giving them priority of blessing.
It has been over six years since the house was built, and now the community members are living happily together, enjoying the blessings together, while farming organically and sharing the fruits to one another as one family. They also are trying their best to unsparingly help others in need. They believe it will not take them long time to occupy this beautiful, new house of cement but soon when all of us are restored, we all shall live in the most magnificent heavenly mansion of pearly gates.

Green valley Community

Green valley is one of the communities of Philippine Goshen. It is composed of 20 families with a population of 76 people.
We are living as one family sharing happiness and joy altogether.
We have lots of fun like going to beach together enjoying picnic and working together in order to maintain our unity as one family.

Daisy Community

There are eight communities in Doalnara Philippines. And one of them is Daisy community that is located at the very foot of Mt. Balatucan. It is the only community located far from any other communities.
It is a place that is sorrounded with beautiful mountains and hills where fresh water flows down, a very quiet, peaceful place where we can only hear the chorus of singing birds. It is the place where you can breadthe the very cold,unpoluted fresh air that makes us full of stenght and vigor.
The community is only composed of 30 members who come from different places of the philippines, with different languages and characteristics. Even though we are few, we live loving one another like brothers and sisters.Daily before we go to our different works, we start our day with prayer and listen to our Teacher Suksun's words and guidance. He is our very humble Teacher who leads us and unite us all as one family.


Heart of those who love their neighbors are always joyful.
Heart of those who love their neighbors are always happy.
Those who love their neighbors make their neighbors joyful.
Those who love their neighbors make their neighbors happy.
Out of thier hearts flow the water of life.
In their hearts blossom lilies.
In their heart the sun never goes down.
Their hearts always bear abundant fruits every season.
Those who love their neighbors are loved by both adults and children .
Those who love their neighbors become friends to all people in the world.
Those who love thier neighbors are loved both birds and animals.
Those who love thier neighbors are loved by all natures.
Those who love thier neighbors are loved also by the angels.
Those who love their neighbors are friends of all angels.
Those who love their neighbors are loved by the holy Spirit.

Contributed by DAISY WELFARE





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