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Green house and Green-Life Preserver!
We have 30greenhouses in our land Doalnara Philippines
Green house is one of the most beneficial things in Doalnara Philippines. It gives enough supply of vegetables which in good to our health.
It is more than 10 years since we have these green houses and there were about 20 of it, and about 20 workers.
These greenhouses supply enough vegetables to all the members living there.
Also, it is one of the main sources of income and a place to entertain visitors. In Rural Areas like Doalnara Philippines, greenhouses are very important because it protects the vegetables from heavy rains. It protects the vegetables from decaying.
Furthermore, it is the best place for Organic Farming, to learn more about plants, to control the watering system. Greenhouses are the perfect place for learning agriculture.
It is very important not only to the plants but to the people as well.


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