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Teacher Suk Sun
In the mountains, He becomes a woodsman...
In the fields, He became a farmer...
When He looks at plants, He becomes a botanist...
To animals, He becomes a good shepherd...
When He sings, He becomes a musician...
When He meditates, He becomes a poet...
Do you know such a person as this?
His teachings transform hearts hardened from
the secular world like a gentle rain falling on the parched earth.
His words allows us to take off the heavy burden of sin and whistle as we walk above the Law.
Listening to his words makes a fearful God of judgment come to us as a caring, tender Real Daddy.
Be water. Be a foot. Be dirt. Let us all be unselfish and selfless gods who go to Heaven.
The scent of his life goes far and long, just as the musk,
To bring about the natural transformation of our heart.
He is Teacher Suk Sun.Teacher Suk Sun

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