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Doalnara is a worldwide organic community joined together with a

single purpose of growing organic produce and fostering an organic heart.

Thus, it is on the global campaign of restoring the mentality,

the heart, the body, and the environment. Our mother headquarter

is in South Korea.

We also have our Doalnara farm in America, China, Japan, Kenya, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Between the foot of the two foggy mountains Mt. Sumagaya and Mt. Balatucan, at Sitio San Roque, Barangay Aposkahoy,

 Claveria, Misamis Oriental in the island of Mindanao, Philippines.



Currently, we have about 200 families gathered together in this countryside where our main livelihood is

farming 100% organic.

We are in this high mountain place with the altitude of about 1,300 feet above sea level.





Humbly we would like to present to you first how Doalnara farmers do our standard daily routine which

starts out at 3:00 in the morning.

By 3:00 o’clock you can hear the buzzing of the alarm clocks and see the turning on of the lights.

We solemnly starts the day with the sweet hour of prayer, parents busily waking up their children,

children picking up their blankets and preparing to meet and greet our Heavenly Father before facing the day’s chore.

At dawn we have the individual meditation and the congregational worship.

After our dawn worship, we exercise and jog around the mountain to inhale the freshest air in the morning.

Then at 7:30 we start our morning work in each respective department.




The departments are: Education Department, Welfare, Agriculture, Construction, Motorpool, Business, Health Department, Publishing,

Audio Department and our Administration Office.

The afternoon hours are mostly spent inside the rooms since our place is a rain prone area. Health wise, before retiring in the evening,

Brethren may spent hours in the Sauna Bath to refresh the body, and at 6:30, will be the family or community prayer to close the

Day with gratitude to God. At 8:00 – 8:30 all lights are usually off.

The quietness of the community implies the presence of blessings, Peace and the protection of the Almighty.

This is the usual daily routine from Sunday to Thursday.

Since we are Sabbath keepers, Friday is our preparation day and we keep the Seventh Day holy by sincerely praying and happily

Singing praises, offering worship to God from sunset to sunset.

The first hand service is focused on the elderly. According to their health condition and competence, they may undergo sun bathing or

Exercise in their garden, rest in their rooms, and set their own schedule to restore their health and maintain their vitality.

Secondly, mothers and fathers are stress-free. There is no sleepless night about paying any bill, but they joyfully enjoy bringing up

a happy family as a miniature heaven. Third, children’s education is focused on forming their values.

The core of this education is upon the foundation of “Honoring the Parents.” Before flourishing academic knowledge, the child must

have the strong foundation of filial piety to their parents, first of all.




EDUCATION is inspired by uplifting their talents and skills so that they will be kept from going into drugs, alcohol, smoking or any violence.

This place is preserved for children to grow and learn the clean, peaceful, and harmonious community living as one happy family.

The whole community is the university of the students itself, to learn widely for their skills and values, without fighting,

violence or juvenile delinquency.

Television, radios, and computers are being screened not to influence any filthy outlook.

They grow with the knowledge that we are the children of God, thus we must act and live a clean and noble life.

Lastly, the youth are the strong pillars of Doalnara. They are the apple of the community, the great upcoming leaders.

The striking character they have that make them special from others, is that - Doalnara youth are utilizing their golden strength for the

struggle towards global restoration.

They love to work with the soil, to become friends with nature and to be honest to their fellow men. Healthy and clean

physically and mentally, they are the inspiration of their siblings and the hope of their parents.

Whether they may be working in the farm, or in the sports field, in their homes, or in the community, the Doalnara Youth are the

youth for efficiency in the future. There is hope because there is Doalnara Philippine Youth.



Doalnara is a Korean word which consists of “DOAL”  “stone”, and “NARA” “country.” So Doalnara means Stone Country.

It is a community where people whose hearts are firm and strong, unchanging like stone, are gathered together.

All teachings and lessons that we practice is from our Teacher Suk Sun. He is a Woodsman Teacher, a very humble Teacher,

who befriends with nature. He also is a farmer, a good friend of the farmers and the nature.

Also, our Teacher Suk Sun taught us that our body is the temple of God, and we must happily take care of this body by gaining

the best of health through exercise, happy working with the brethren within the fresh environment, as well as practicing natural diet.

In the field of environmental restoration, we are farming 100% organic. Our main products are: organic vegetables and organic Yacon.

It is our pride to present to you a community of perfect peace, love, and harmony. Schools from different places and government,

and non-government offices, they visited our place with this common compliment after their visit, “this is a paradise here on earth’.

Our success, our victory, we owe first to our Heavenly Father, next  to our Beloved Teacher Suk Sun who is always

there to guide and help us. Also to the Korean Missionaries sent by our Teacher, who take care of us in order to fulfill the

paradise here in this Philippine country and to have this peaceful, secluded, and reserved heaven.

Likewise to all government and non-government agencies which assisted us somehow, we express our gratitude as well.

However, since Doalnara Philippines has much, much higher goal to reach, in the peak of our success,

we hope to have you there with us.

From the heart of Doalnara Philippine Multi-purpose Cooperative we sincerely give our thanks.


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