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Article 1 (Objective)
Doalnara Philippine cyber mall that this agreement operates EC businessman)Internet connection service offering in (Below I say as "Mall")I do by objective that is that use (Below I say as "Service") and sets right·duty of Saibeomol and user and responsibility item. ※ 「 apply with appropriate this agreement as long as do not admire the temper for electronic commerce that use PC communication 」

Article 2 (Justice)
I use to businessman's meaning that says ① business place of imagination which Doalnara Philippine company called "Mall" establishes so that can deal brilliant talent or services using computer etc.. Jeongbotongsinseolbi to offer user brilliant talent or services, and operates Saibeomol together. ② "User" connects to "Mall" and "Mall" says member and nonmembership who receive offering service according to this agreement. ③ because box supplies personal information to "Mall" 'Member' member registration as one length, is provided with information of "Mall" continuously, and "Mall" speaks length which can use offering service continuously. ④ 'Nonmembership' box to member join and "Mall" speaks length which use offering service.
Article 3 (agreement's clear statement and explanation and revision)
① if "Mall" is early Seobiseuhwa of "Mall" so that user can know easily these agreement's Contents and reciprocity and delegate statement, place of business location address (Address of where can handle consumer's complaint inclusion), telephone number·Mosajeonsongbeonho·email address, Saeopjadeungrokbeonho, Tongsinpanmaeeopsingobeonho, Gaeinjeongbogwanrichaekimjadeung etc.bulletin to (Totally). But, agreement's Contents can see user on connection screen. Important contents such as ② that "Mall" is offer withdrawal between Contents·Baesongchaek that is decided in agreement before user agrees in agreement user be special Yearngyeolhwa so that can understand if or is Papeophwa back offer and must seek user's confirmation. ③ "Mall" can revise this agreement at extent that do not violate relevant law such as Jeonjasanggeoraedeungeseouisobijabohoegwanhanbeopryul, Yakgwanuigyujeegwanhanbeopryul, Jeonjageoraegibonbeop, digital signature, Jeongbotongsinmangiyongchokjindeungegwanhanbeopryul, Bangmunpanmaedeungegwanhanbeopryul, Consumer's Protection Law. ④ in case of "Mall" revises agreement clarifies Application Date and revision reason and informs until Application Date previous day ago the Application Date 7 days on early screen of mall with current agreement. But, puts and informs preliminary period grace of more than 30 days at least in case of change agreement Contents adversely to user. In this case, "Mall" compares definitely contents after contents and revision revision match and mark so that user is apt to know. ⑤ in case of "Mall" revises agreement for that the revision agreement is applied in contract that is contracted after that the Application Date and already contracts once contract agreement article ago revision as it is apply. But, send a letter intent which want that user, who already enter into contract, is subject to of revision agreement article to "Mall" in revision agreement's notice period by the third clause revision agreement article is applied in case of receive agreement of "Mall". Follow to ⑥ Sobijabohojichim in e-business and relation statute or Sanggwanrye that law about consumer protection in e-business, law about agreement's regulation, Fair Trade Commission about analysis of item and this agreement that do not set in this agreement decide.
Article 4 (offer of service and change)
① "Mall" achieves following business. 1. Conclusion 2 of provide information and purchase contract about brilliant talent or services. That purchase contract is contracted delivery 3 of brilliant talent or services. That other "Mall" decide business ② "Mall" can change goods or contents of services to offer by brilliant talent or absence from stock or contract that is contracted in future in juncture of alteration of technological specification of services. Inform immediately where clarifies brilliant talent or Contents of services and offer date that change in this occasion and bulletins goods of present or contents of services. Notify immediately to ③ address that can notify the reason to user in case of "Mall" changes Contents of service that enter into contract with user to offer to absence from stock of brilliant talent or reason of change of technological specification. "Mall" indemnifies loss that user suffers thereby in occasion of ④ preceding clause. But, is not such in case of "Mall" proves that deliberation or negligence is not.
Article 5 (Middle part of a staircase of service)
Private ownership of ① "Mall" computer etc.. Jeongbotongsinseolbi's fee checkout·replacement and disability, stoppage of communication can discontinue temporarily tender of service in case of happen. For ② "Mall", offer of service indemnifies about damage that user or third party that is halted temporarily suffers as reason of the first clause. Only, is not such in case of "Mall" proves that deliberation or negligence is not. ③ in case of can not provide service by diversion of business item, abandonment of business, reason of integration between company "Mall" to consumer according to term that notifies to user by method deciding in article 8 and presents in "Mall" very first time compensate. But, in case of "Mall" does not notify compensation standard mileage of users or deposits actuals that correspond in passable currency value in "Mall" or in cash to user pay.
Article 6 (Subscriber of membership)
For ① user, "Mall" applies for subscriber of membership doing expression that agree in this agreement after write member information according to deciding subscribe style. ② "Mall" registers as member as long as do not correspond to next each trench among user who apply for that join as member with the first clause. 1. when Gaipsincheongja has ever lost membership before by this agreement the seventh coarse manufacturing 3 clauses, I do by exception in case of 3 years gain Hoewonjaegaip compliance of "Mall" as passing viscount after membership loss by the seventh coarse manufacturing 3 clauses but. 2. when there are falsehood, omission, mistake in writing for registration substance 3. Do to ③ visual point that compliance of "Mall" reaches to member Hoewongaipgyeyak's organization time when to register as other member estimates technical award of "Mall" that there is hindrance remarkably. ④ when member has amendment in registration by the 15th coarse manufacturing 1 clause immediately email otherwise about "Mall" the amendment inform must.
Article 7 (member secession and disqualification etc.)
① member can request secession to "Mall" and "Mall" handles member secession immediately. ② member when correspond to reason of next each trench "Mall" membership limit and halt can. 1. when register false information at subscribe application 2 . when do not pay price of brilliant talent, that regarding other "Mall" use member pay indebtedness that buy using "Mall" on flag days 3. when threaten e-business order that prevents other person's "Mall" uses or peculates the information 4 . when statute or this agreement does action that prohibit or is against in Gongseo using "Mall" ③ "Mall" when same conduct is repeated more than 2 times or the private ownership is not corrected in 30 days after is limitsed membership and suspends "Mall" membership lose can. ④ in case of "Mall" loses membership member registration erase. In this case, give an opportunity notifies this to member, and sets period of more than 30 days at least before member registration effacement and do royal summons.
Article 8 (Notice about member)
Can do to ① email address that specify promising in advance with member this "Mall" when "Mall" does notice about member. ② "Mall" can do changing on individual notice bulletining on "Mall" notice board more than 1 week in occasion of notice about Bulteukjeongdasu member. But, I do individual notice about member item that make important effect regarding my transaction.
Article 9 (Purchase application)
"Mall" user applies for purchase by next or similar method in "Mall", and for "Mall", user purchase application in box following each contents comprehensibly offer must. Only, when is member, can exclude application of the second or the fourth. 1. retrieve and selection 2 of brilliant talent. Input 3 of statement, address, telephone number, email address (Or Idongjeonhwabeonho). Confirmation 4 for contents regarding expense burden of agreement substance, that return ticket is limited service service service, delivery fare·installation cost etc... Agree in this agreement and upside 3.Indication (Yes, mouse click) 5 that confirms or refuses item of. East 6 about purchase application and confirmation about this of brilliant talent or confirmation of "Mall". Selection of means of settlement
Article 10 (Organization of contract)
① "Mall" may not consent if correspond to next each trench for purchase booking such as article 9. But, minor principal or legal representative must notify contents that can cancel contract if do not get legal representative's agreement in case of enter into contract with minor. 1. when there are falsehood, omission, mistake in writing for application substance 2. when minor buys tobacco, goods prohibiting in the main current etc.. youth protection law and services 3. See as ② that contract forms visual point that compliance of "Mall" reaches to user by Susinhwakintongjihyeongtae of dozenth coarse manufacturing 1 clause when to consent on other purchase application judges "Mall" technical award that there is hindrance remarkably. Must include information about in declaration of compliance of ③ "Mall" confirmation about user's purchase application and sell possibility availability, correction cancellation of purchase application.
Article 11 (Payment method)
I can do by brilliant talent or Daegeumjigeupbangbeop about services way that is at a disposal of way of next each lake buying in "Mall". Only, "Mall" can not levy adding commission fees of name that is some for price of brilliant talent about user's payment method. 1. Various transfer account 2 of phone banking, internet banking, mail banking. Various card payment 3 of pre-paid card, debit card, credit card. Onrainmutongjangipgeum 4. Payment 5 by electronic money. when receive payment 6. Payment 8 by payment 7 . gift certificate which formed "Mall" and contract or "Mall" recognizes by point that mileage etc.. "Mall" pays. Payment etc.. by other electronic payment method
Article 12 (Susinhwakintongji·purchase application change and cancellation)
① "Mall" does user Susinhwakintongji when there is user's purchase application. ② user, who receive Susinhwakintongji, can request purchase application change and cancellation immediately after user receives Susinhwakintongji in case of user is inconsistency of declaration and "Mall" should handles according to the request without delay in case of there is user's request before delivery. But, follow in regulation about the 15th article's offer withdrawal in case of already pay price.
Article 13 (Supply of brilliant talent)
① "Mall" adopts needed step of etc.. such as main succes de scandale, package so that user can deliver goods within 7 days from a day to subscribe there is no special engagement about supply time of brilliant talent with user. But, adopt step within 2 business days from a day to receive all or some of price in case of receive whole of "Mall" already price of brilliant talent or some. This time, "Mall" does suitable measure so that user can confirm supply procedure of brilliant talent and progress item. ② "Mall" clarifies delivery resource, delivery charge Budamja by means, delivery period by means about goods that user buys. Must indemnify user's loss by it in case of "Mall" exceeds engagement delivery period if. But, is not such in case of "Mall" proves that deliberation·fault is not.
Article 14 (Return)
Adopt step that refunds within 2 business days from a day to receive the payment or need in return in case of notify the reason to user without delay when "Mall" can not offer whether brilliant talent that user applies for purchase delivers to reason of absence from stock and receives the payment of brilliant talent in the advance.
Article 15 (Offer withdrawal etc..)
① user, who enter into contract about purchase of "Mall" and brilliant talent, withdrawal of offer in within on 7th from a day to get information of reception confirmation. ② user returns goods in case of correspond to 1 of next each trench when is delivered goods and can not exchange. 1. As RESP reason to user brilliant talent loss or when is damaged (But, can forgo subscription in case of damage gun caption to confirm contents of brilliant talent) 2. when value of brilliant talent by user's use or some consumption decreases remarkably 3. when value of brilliant talent decreases remarkably enough to resale by passage of time is difficult 4. when damage package of brilliant talent that is the principal when reproduction is possible by brilliant talent that have same performance ③ that consumer can know easily truth that "Mall" is limited offer withdrawal in the advance in case of the second Hangje 2 or the fourth
Write clearly for place or user's Cheongyakcheolhoedeung is not limited if did not measure of that offer using as a trial goods. ④ user that do not pass 3 Wolinaes, the truth from a day to be supplied proper goods when Contents of brilliant talent differ with sign·advertisement Contents or discharge differed from the deal terms despite in regulation of the first clause and the second clause or within 30 days from a day that could know offer withdraw can.
Article 16 (Effect of offer withdrawal)
① "Mall" refunds price of brilliant talent that get image within 3 business days when is returned goods from user. In this case, "Mall" pays user delay charge which calculate because multiply the delay charge rate that examine because the Fair Trade Commission sets for the lag period when delay return of brilliant talent. Require to suspend charge of for ② there, is "Mall" that refund upside price and by businessman who provide proper means of payments without delay when user pays price of brilliant talent by means of payments of credit card or electronic money price of brilliant talent or cancel. For ③ expense which is necessary in recession of goods that is supplied in Cheongyakcheolhoedeung's occasion,, user pays. "Mall" does not request user penalty or compensation for damage because of Cheongyakcheolhoedeung. But, Contents of brilliant talent differ with sign·advertisement Contents or discharge differed from the deal terms and when I do Cheongyakcheolhoedeung, necessary expense pays "Mall" in recession of brilliant talent. ④ in case pay Balsongbi when user is provided with goods "Mall" so that user is apt to know who pays Cheongyakcheolhoesi the expense definitely mark.
Article 17 (Personal information protection)
① "Mall" collects minimum information that need in purchase contract execution at user's information gathering. I do following item to essential item and other does item to selection item. 1. Name 2. Address 3. Telephone number 4. Hope ID (In member's occasion) 5. Password (In member's occasion) 6. Email address (Or Idongjeonhwabeonho) ② "Mall" user's discrimination identity when collect possible personal information certainly proper user's agreement receive. ③ supplied personal information can not offer to Mokjeokoe's use or third party without proper user's agreement, and all liability loses mall on this. But, I do by exception in subsequent occasion. 1. Delivery , when inform minimum user's information (statement, address, telephone number) who is necessary in delivery with delivery company 2. when offer by form that can not discriminate specification individual as necessary occasion for statistics creation, research or market survey 3. Occasion 4 that is needed for price exact calculation by transaction of brilliant talent. Occasion 5 that is needed in principal confirmation for peculation prevention. when there is needed unavoidable reason by legal regulation or law ④ in case of "Mall" must receive user's agreement by the second clause and the third clause Personal Information Management responsible person's identity (position, statement and telephone number, other contact)
Assembling purpose and use purpose of information, provide information related matters (Jegongbateunja, offer objective and contents of information to supply) about third party etc.. Jeongbotongsinmangiyongchokjindeungegwanhanbeopryul the 22th coarse manufacturing 2 clauses should clarify in advance or notify setting item and user always can forgo this motion. Take ⑤ duty that user can demand inspection and error correction about own personal information that "Mall" has and "Mall" adopts needed step without delay against this. "Mall" does not use proper personal information until correct the bug in case of user demands correction of bug. ⑥ "Mall" minimizes the number because limit administrator for personal information protection and takes all responsibility about user's damage by credit card, loss of user's personal information including bank account, robbery, outward flow, variation. ⑦ third party, which is provided with personal information from "Mall" or him, annuls proper personal information without delay in assembling objective or when achieve being provided with purpose of personal information.
Article 18 (Duty of "Mall")
① "Mall" does not action that statute and this agreement prohibit or is against in Gongseo and this agreement is persistent as agreement sets, and must do best offering brilliant talent·services stably. For ② "Mall", user must be equipped with security system for user's personal information (Credit information inclusion) protection so that can use internet service safely. ③ by "Mall" does 「 indication·Gwanggouigongjeonghwaegwanhanbeopryul 」 article 3 prescribed unfair sign·advertisement action for merchandise or services user responsibility to indemnify this when damage take. ④ "Mall" does not send out advertisement email of profit objective that user does not want.
Article 19 (Duty about member's ID and password)
Supervisory responsibility about ID and password except ① the 17th article's occasion exists to member. ② member must not use own ID and password to third party. ③ member are stolen own ID and password or third party notifies to "Mall" justly in case of recognize that I am using and "Mall" of in case of I am not accordingly do.
Article 20 (User's duty)
User must not do next action. 1. when apply for or change registration 2 of false information. Except another person's information peculation 3 . change 4 . information that "Mall" decides of information bulletining to "Mall" transmission of a message or notice 5 . "Mall" of information (Computer program etc..) infringement 6 . action 7 that aggrieves other third party's honor "Mall" or disturbs business about Intellectual Property rights such as other third party's copyright. Action that shows information that is against in obscenity or violent message, burn, voice, other Gongseo etc. for mol or bulletins
Article 21 (Relation between connection "Mall" and Piyearngyeol "Mall")
① that electron is connection "Mall" (Website) when high position "Mall" and low rank "Mall" are linked by hyper link (Ex : character, picture and dynamic picture image is included in subject of hyper link) method know and the latter that it is Piyearngyeol "Mall" (Website). User by ② brilliant talent that connection "Mall" offers Piyearngyeol "Mall" independently and that do not take responsibility of a surety for doing transaction initialization of connection "Mall" be in case of clarify by pop-up screen of visual point that escape or link responsibility of a surety about the transaction take.
Article 22 (reversion and use of copyright my one)
Copyright etc.. Intellectual Property rights for ① work that "Mall" makes reverts to "Mall". ② user uses information that Intellectual Property rights is reverted to "Mall" among information that get by using "Mall" for profit by reproduction, transmission of a message, publication, distribution, broadcasting etc.. way without a previous consent of "Mall" or must not take advantage of to third party. ③ "Mall" should notifies to proper user when use revert copyright to user according to engagement.
Article 23 (Troubleshooting)
Litigation about ① e-business dispute that happen between "Mall" and user does by exclusive of district court which depends to instituting a lawsuit then user's address, and governs dwelling place in case of there is no address. But, user's address or dwelling place is not clear at the time of instituting a lawsuit or institute in the competent court of Civil Proceedings Act in foreign resident's occasion. Apply law of the land in ② e-business litigation that bring between "Mall" and user.
Article 24 (jurisdiction and governing law)
Litigation about ① e-business dispute that happen between "Mall" and user does by exclusive of district court which depends to instituting a lawsuit then user's address, and governs dwelling place in case of there is no address. But, user's address or dwelling place is not clear at the time of instituting a lawsuit or institute in the competent court of Civil Proceedings Act in foreign resident's occasion. Apply law of the land in ② e-business litigation that bring between "Mall" and user.
Additional rules
1. This clause is applied from 2014 February 03

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