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Personal Information Collection and accept
Please check Posting personal information collected for non-members agree on (For more information, “Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy General Rules
① Individual information is information about an individual to survive as such information is included in the name, telephone number, and by the locations of the personal identifiable information (such information can be identified, even if only a specific individual information and facilitate combining different includes being able to identify) says.
② privacy is very important to "information network promotion and information protection law enacted "the privacy regulations and the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) "privacy guidelines" code. pond through the private information you provide to us in any personal information usage and the way the protection of personal information is used, and any action is taken, and imply.
{_cfg ['shopName']} is the first privacy policy website by revealing on the screen, you can see that facilitates action at any time.
{_cfg ['shopName']}to continuous improvement of the privacy policy, this privacy policy amendments needed to proceedings. And if the revised version of this privacy policy, as well as revised by granting a number of things you can learn easily.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

① As a member of we collect personal information to provide customized services for the following purposes:

-Full name, Username/ID, Password: personal identification procedures in accordance with the membership terms of service used.

-Email adress, phone numbers: whether receiving the notice delivery, confirmation, complaint handling or communication, new services/products or event information guide.

-Address, Phone Number: prizes and shopping for accurate shipping cost to secure the delivery of goods

-Security question and answer: If you forget your password, for faster processing of information.

-Optional items: for customized services
② However, there is a risk of human rights violations in the user's default sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, place of birth, political affiliation, criminal record, health status, and sexual activity, etc.) is not collected.

Range of Collecting Personal Information
has a separate membership, most of the content freely accessible without steps.'s membership service please input the following information when you select the entry, and did not provide the service limits.
1) The range of personal information collected at registration:
- Required items: Username/ID, password, security question and answer for password hint, name, address, phone number, e-mail address.
- Optional: company address, company telephone number, date of birth, marital status, anniversary, occupation, monthly income, the end of education, number of children, the vehicle information
Non-member Customer Policy
members, as well as non-members also will be able to buy goods and services products. non-members cannot order shipping and payment, personal information is necessary for delivery of goods to customers on request.
If non-members purchase at , non-member customers after the recipient information and enter payer information, payment and delivery of related goods and no other purpose other than the purpose will not be used.
In the case of non-members and will have the same privacy.
Personal information collected by cookies

① What is a cookie?
stores information about your cookie. A cookie is a website your computer browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) are sent to the small amount of information. If access to the website's computer reads the contents of a cookie in your browser, your additional information to find on your computer — for example, you can provide service without further input. Cookies identify your computer, but does not identify you personally. In addition, you have the option for cookies. At the top of the Web browser tool in the Internet Options tab (option tab) > accept, send a notification when a cookie is set, or reject all cookies, you can have a choice.
② cookie operations.
cookies is for the convenience of users globally. The information collected through cookies, other than member ID, and other information is not collected. member ID collected through cookies is used for the following purposes:

- Depends on the individual's interest and differentiated information.

-Members and non-members , such as the access of frequency or time spent by analyzing the tastes and interests, taking advantage of the targeted marketing b identifying.

- Information on shopping items and items of interest in browsing allows tracking and tracing to provide a personalized service when shopping next time.

-Analyzes the service members ' habits and measures, such as restructuring.

-Bulletin Board registeration

Cookies will expire upon the termination of the browser or after logging out.

Hold and Use Period of Personal Information
① Your personal information is as follows: the purpose of Collecting Personal Information received or will be discarded when the objectives are achieved. However, by the provisions of the Commercial Code and other relevant laws and regulations related to the transaction as follows: confirmation of rights and obligations by reason of the relationship must hold a certain period of time if you have a need to retain a certain period of time.
- In the case of a Member, Sign Up or Sign in to leave if such expulsion prior to holding a certain purpose, duration, and retention of personal information items explicitly consent to.
- A record contract or cancellation: 5 years
- Payment and the supply of goods, such as records: 5 years
- Processing of consumer complaints or disputes about records: 3 years
With your consent, as well as the trading information if your viewing perusal, make sure that can do so without delay.
I agree        I do not agree

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